Make Your LinkedIn Profile Recruiter Friendly

As a career mentor, I know the value of LinkedIn for building professional relationships — especially when you’re looking for a job.

This article shows you a few tricks to making your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters.

I’m not a big believer in chasing after recruiters.  They are in business to place candidates with their client companies — not to find you a job.

On the other hand, recruiters do fill some vacancies, so while I suggest you don’t chase after them, I also think that you should work with them is the opportunity presents itself.  By this I mean cooperate with a recruiter if he or she approaches you.  Before starting my consulting business in 1988, I had four professional jobs.  A recruiter placed my in one of them.  But he found me — I didn’t look for him.

The tips on the article above show you how you can get noticed, and subsequently approached, by recruiters.  Put them to use to make your resume more recruiter friendly.

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