March Madness: Career Advice from a Sweet 16 Coach

How’s your NCAA bracket?  Mine is shot.  Louisville killed me with their first round loss.  I had Pitt in the Final 4.  But that’s the fun of the tournament. 

Richmond played here in Denver.  I had them losing to Vanderbilt in the first round.  They are in the Sweet 16.  That shows you how much I know about college basketball.

Speaking of Louisville, I saw some great career advice from their coach Chris Mooney.  He has two rules for his team.  1) Don’t be a jerk.  2) Be a good teammate.

As I’ve mentioned, these rules are great career success advice.  I devoted 20 tweets in my career advice book Success Tweets to relationship building.  All 20 of them are about not being a jerk and being a good teammate.

Check them out…

Success Tweet 121 – Get genuinely interested in others.  Help bring out the best in everyone you know.  Others will gravitate to you.

Success Tweet 122 — Keep confidences and avoid gossip. Don’t embarrass others by repeating what they share with you – even if it isn’t in confidence.

Success Tweet 123 — Use every social interaction to build and strengthen relationships. Strong relationships are your ticket to success. 

Success Tweet 124 — Everyone has something to offer. Never dismiss anyone out of hand. Take the initiative.  Actively build relationships with others.  

Success Tweet 125 — Get to know yourself. Use your self knowledge to better understand others and build mutually beneficial relationships with them. 

Success Tweet 126 — Self awareness is the foundation of interpersonal competence. It‘s the first step in building relationships and in resolving conflict. 

Success Tweet 127 — Pay it forward.  Build relationships by giving with no expectation of return. Give of yourself and time to build strong relationships. 

Success Tweet 128 — When meeting someone new ask yourself, “What can I do to help this person?” By thinking this first, you’ll build stronger relationships.

Success Tweet 129 — There is no quid pro quo in effective relationships. Do for others without being asked or waiting for them to do for you.

Success Tweet 130 — Be generous. By giving with no expectation of return, you’ll be surprised by how much comes back to you in the long run.

Success Tweet 131 — Be happy to see others succeed. Relationship builders use the success of others to motivate themselves to greater success. 

Success Tweet 132 — Trust is the glue that holds relationships together.  The more you demonstrate trust in others, the more they will trust you.

Success Tweet 133 — Resolve conflict positively.  Treat conflict as an opportunity to strengthen, not destroy, the relationships you’ve worked hard to build.

Success Tweet 134 — Settle disputes and resolve differences quickly.  Don’t let them drag on.  Engage the other person in meaningful conversation.  

Success Tweet 135 — Be a consensus builder.  Focus on where you agree with other people.  It will be easier to resolve differences and create agreement.  

Success Tweet 136 — Be responsible for yourself. No one can “make you angry”. Choose to act in a civil, forthright, constructive manner in tense situations.

Success Tweet 137 — Do your job; give credit to others for doing theirs. Everyone likes to work with people who share the credit for a job well done.   

Success Tweet 138 — We all make mistakes. Own up to yours. You’ll become known as a straight shooter — honest with yourself and with others.

Success Tweet 139 — Become widely trusted.  Deliver on what you say you’ll do.  If you can’t meet a commitment, let the other person know right away.

Success Tweet 140 — Social networks allow you to help others get what they want. Give value; and you’ll be able to build some great online relationships.

I thought these 20 Success Tweets were pretty succinct until I read Chris Mooney’s rules for his Richmond basketball team.  Those two rules – 1) don’t be a jerk and 2) be a good teammate — pretty much sum up what it takes to build the solid long lasting relationships that will result in your career success.  Pitt was my team coming into the tournament.  Now I’m a Richmond fan.  They’re going to play Kansas in the next round.  I’ll be rooting for them.

The common sense career success coach career advice point here is simple.  Success people build solid, long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the people in their lives.  Richmond basketball coach Chris Mooney sums up how to build and maintain solid relationships in the two rules he has for his team: 1) Don’t be a jerk.  2) Be a good teammate.  In this post, I showed how these two rules cover everything in the 20 career advice tweets on relationship building I wrote for Success Tweets.  Take them to heart and you will be on the road to creating the life and career success you want and deserve.

That’s my take on the career advice in Chris Mooney’s two rules for his Richmond basketball team.  What’s yours?  Please take a minute to share your thoughts with us in a comment.  As always, thanks for reading my thoughts on life and career success.  I appreciate you and value your opinion.


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