Microlearning Can Boost Your Career

Whether you’re working towards a promotion, new job, or even a new career, you know that you have a lot to learn to help get you there. Traditionally you’d study for a new certification, attend a conference, or attend internal training to show your dedication and experience. These are all still vital parts of career development, and great opportunities for networking, but you don’t have to limit your learning so someone else’s schedule.

Microlearning is a career development opportunity that focuses on concise and focused lessons to fill knowledge gaps and level up your career skills. It’s been a growing trend for career coaches and trainers as we learn more about the benefit of shorter lessons for focus and retention. With content creators across industries publishing free content online, it’s easier than ever for you to begin your own microlearning journey.

You just have to have a knowledge goal to get started. That may be a new leadership technique, a new internal process, or a second language. Then you can start searching for experts you trust and enjoy online. Choose to listen to your lessons on podcasts, watch a webinar, or even quiz yourself through an app.

There are few limits to learning, so check out these tips to invest in your future and start microlearning.


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