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Yesterday I did a post on the power of optimism in which I shared The Optimist Creed.  Today I have a great story to share with about a man who stayed positive through quite an ordeal.

Chad Bettis is a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies.  He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November of 2016.  He underwent surgery in December and nine weeks of chemotherapy.  He thought he was cured ans began getting ready for the 2017 season.  Life had other plans for him though.  In February, the cancer returned.

Bettis began more treatment.  After he was cleared to play, he began working out again. He did a rehab stint with one of the Rockies’ minor league teams, getting into playing shape.  Last night, he returned to the mound to pitch seven shutout innings for the Rockies who beat the Atlanta Braves 3 – 0.  That’s optimism in action!

Good for Chad Bettis.  He faced adversity and kept on going.  He is an inspiration.

On the other hand, there are millions of cancer patients out there who aren’t major league pitchers. Every day, they quietly fight their battles with cancer, staying positive and not letting the disease get the best of them.  These people are quiet heroes.  No one, with the exception of their families and friends, know what they are going through.  Yet they persist.  They continue the fight.  They are optimistic that they will prevail.  I met a few of them when I was dealing with my own cancer many years ago.  So while we celebrate Chad Bettis’ story, remember that there are many people like him who are quietly fighting their own battle.  Optimism is a great tool in their fight.

You can read an excellent Bleacher Report story on Bettis’ struggles and triumph here.


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