Motivational Quotes Are Great — But Only If You Do Something With What You Learn From Them

I send daily motivational quotes to my members.  If you would like to begin receiving these quotes just go here and enter your information.  Today I came across seven very interesting quotes from Steve Jobs.  Check then out…

I encourage the people who receive my quotes to THINK ACT SUCCEED.  In other words, when you real a quote that inspires you need to think about how those words of wisdom apply to your life and career.  Once you’re clear on that, you need to commit to taking some action that will put that advice to work in your life and career.  If you do this, you’re likely to succeed.

The article does some of that work for you — it shows you what Steve Jobs thought about how these seven quotes can apply to anyone’s life and career success.  Those are his thoughts — and they’re good ones.  But I still think that if you want to create the success you deserve you need to get personal with these quotes.  How do they apply to your life and your career?  What are you going to commit to doing as a result?

Inspiration is great, but action is what will really help you become successful.  So spend some time with these quotes.  Think about how they apply to you and your specific situation.  Then commit to taking some action based on your thoughts.

As the Nike ads used to say, “JUST DO IT.”

Your career mentor,


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