Offbeat Ways to Manage Your Stress

Life is stressful  Successful people have figured out how to live in harmony with their stress.  This article lays out 12 things that you can do to manage your stress — and increase your productivity.

I discovered the third tip — massage your ears — by accident.  When I was a young guy, I spent two summers working in a steel mill.  I worked on a rivet gang — with no ear protection.  Riveting is very loud.  Fast forward about 35 years and I learned that I needed hearing aids.  The damage was most likely a result of my rivet gang  days.

Hearing aids are uncomfortable.  When I where them for an extended period of time my ears hurt.  After I remove my hearing aids I usually massage my ears.  I have found that this little two or three minute massage not only relieves some of the discomfort caused by wearing the hearing aids, it tends to relax me.

I’m going to see if the other 11 tips work as well as the ear massage.  I hope they do.

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