Peyton Manning, Humility and Career Success

Members of my career mentoring site have often heard me extol the virtues of humility.   One of my most repinned Pinterest pins says, “humility truly is a virtue. Successful people are confident but humble.”

Successful people are confident — and that confidence allows for them to be humble.  After watching my home town Denver Broncs win the Super Bowl last night, I heard every one of the CBS announcers comment on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s humility.

Peyton Manning probably played his last game in Super Bowl 50.  He has all of the important individual records for a quarterback, and he has won the Super Bowl twice.  This season he had his share of setbacks but came back to help his team win.  I’m sure he’ll be selected to the NFL Hall of Fame the first year he is eligible.  He’s played four seasons in Denver.  In that time, I’ve watched his quiet confidence and humility.  It’s impressive.

When you’re good, you don’t have to shout it from the roof tops, you let your performance speak for itself.  That’s what Manning has done in his 18 years in the NFL.

And that’s my career advice for you today.  Get so good at what you do that you won’t have to tell others how good you are – they’ll see for themselves.  Being a high performer will build your confidence.  Quiet confidence and humility are the hallmarks of success.  Do a great job in everything you do.  Others will notice.  When they do, build on your success by being gracious and humble.

As a famous football once said, “when you score a touchdown, act like you’ve been in the end zone before.”  That’s humility.

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