Positive Energy Is an Essential Ingredient for Your Success

Cheryl Bachelder is the CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. I’m a fan of their chicken and biscuits. She’s had an impressive career at Proctor & Gamble, Gillette, RJR Nabisco, Domino’s Pizza and KFC. Unlike many female CEOs she also took two sabbaticals (1992 – 95 and 2003 – 2007) for family reasons. She is someone who has been able to rise to the top doing it her way.

Here are her three best pieces of life and career success advice…

  • We worry too much about career breaks. If you’re a competent, performing person before a break, you’ll be one afterward.
  • Positive energy is an essential ingredient for success.
  • Paper Mate makes the best crossword pencil.

She is right on when it comes to positive energy. The more positive you are, the more likeable you’ll become.  I know I’ve been writing about the importance of branding yourself as a positive person these days.  I keep doing posts on being positive because I think it is so important for success.

So here are six more ways to brand yourself as a positive, likeable person…

  1. Say nice things to and about other people.
  2. Be a good listener. Listen the hardest when you find yourself disagreeing with what another person is saying.
  3. Be authentic, approachable and sincere.
  4. Show other people that you value your relationship with them.
  5. Be curious about other people. Draw them out.
  6. Share the spotlight and the acclaim.

If you follow these six simple bits of advice you will brand yourself as a positive, likeable person. And positive likeable people get ahead in this world, just ask Cheryl Bachelder.

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