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Many of my readers are budding entrepreneurs.  If you think that you’re very productive in your j- o-b, you’ll need to double or triple your productivity as an entrepreneur.  I learned this lesson way back in 1988 when I started my consulting and coaching business.  here are some ideas on how to be more productive as an entrepreneur.

Whether you are working from home, in your favorite coffee shop, or at your nephew’s birthday party, finding ways to stay productive is a challenge that all entrepreneurs experience. With 2017 just beginning, the timing is perfect to brush up on your old productivity habits and maybe even pick up a few new ones!

Make Your Home Office Work for You

One of the main perks of being a self-starter is that you are often able to choose where you want to work. For most, this usually takes form in some type of home office. The key here is to remember that this is truly your workspace, so make it work for you!

Consider your desk area to be the heart and sole of your home office. This is where most of your work will be done, so it is important to make sure that it accommodates your specific work style. Also, research has shown that people are more productive in an organized versus unorganized environment, so don’t shy away from removing a few of your treasured desktop trinkets.

When it comes to getting actual work done, make sure to take advantage of some of the latest technological offerings to help aid in your quest for productivity. Much like your desk is the heart of your office, a solid computer will act as your primary connection on the digital front.

Of course, I can’t leave out one of my own personal favorite tips: refrigerator proximity! I always try to keep my home work space close to a food source so that, when I’m really in the zone, I don’t have to break to get a bite to eat.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You can spend all day pushing on an immovable brick wall and, while you may be exhausted at the end of that day, you haven’t done any actual work. The same goes for when you are working on your business.

One of the easiest (but not always the most obvious) ways to work smarter is through more efficient scheduling. Distractions are inherent when it comes to working for long hours—so why not try to break those long hours up? That’s exactly what the Pomodoro Technique is designed to do.

Designed as a way to increase your concentration while working, the Pomodoro Technique breaks up your work time into (typically) 25 minute blocks which are then separated by 3-5 minute breaks. After you have completed four cycles of this pattern, you take a longer (15-30 minute) break. The end result will have you energized and ready to jump back into another 25 minutes of high quality, productive work.

You should also consider taking a look at the environment you are working in. Would your brain benefit from a change of scenery? Get out and explore new places to work; a park is often a good space to clear your head and help breath some fresh air into your work.

The key here is to ensure that you are able to stay productive while on the move. How? Get mobile tech that works for you. I highly suggest using a business-specific laptop. With strong computing power and business ready functions, these machines will guarantee that you never miss a beat.

Stay Organized

Everyone knows that it’s important to organize your workspace and keep your files in order—solid bookkeeping skills are essential to the success of any business. Finding the right tools to aid in your bookkeeping, however, is often overlooked. Using a tool that seamlessly integrates with your specific workflow can drastically increase your productivity.

Google Calendar is a great option for overall organization of meetings, calls, etc.—I personally use it as my primary calendar. If you’re looking for more in depth project organization capabilities, I recommend checking out Trello. Feeling a little nostalgic? The trusty old pen and paper has never let me down.

Just as crucial as keeping your bookkeeping in line, organizing the intangible, such as your goals and aspirations, can be just as important. Instead of looking your biggest goal in the face and simply ‘trying your best’ to reach it, organize your path to your end goal into a series of small, reasonable ones. This way, you’ll have plenty to celebrate and keep you motivated as you go along the way.

Just Say No

Now that you have a quiver full of great productivity tips in your back pocket, the last thing you want to do is waste your skills on a project that isn’t worth your time. Research shows that the need for self-employed entrepreneurs is on the rise. In fact, 94% of net employment growth from 2005-2015 was in “alternative work arrangements.” You’re in demand—you can afford to be picky, so don’t be afraid to say no to a bad deal.

Do you have any productivity tips that have been vital to your success? We’d love to know! Have a happy and productive 2017!

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