Proof That Doing What You Love Pays Off

Ron Boustead is good friend.  I met him in 10th grade.  He sat right behind me in home room.  That means I’ve known him for over 50 years.

Ron is a musician.  His bands played at many of or high school dances.  After high school he went on to college and kept playing music.  He got a job out of college, realized it wasn’t for him.  He quit to purse music full time.

Several years later, he was married and living in Cincinnati.  He told me that at the time, he fronted the “best bar band in Cincinnati.”  But he thought he could do better.  He and his wife picked up and moved to LA so he could see if he could crack the music scene there.

His dreams of becoming a top recording artist never materialized, but he moved into an ancillary part of the music business.  He became a sound engineer.  As he described it to me, Ron is the last person who touches a master of a cd before it goes into production.  He makes sure that everything sounds just right. He has worked with some very big names, including the Rolling Stones.

When I last visited him in his home in Sherman Oaks, he showed me his audio studio in a converted pool house.  It was something to see.

Ron still performs, and these days he records some of his own cds.  He recently released a new cd “Unlikely Valentine.”  The other day he sent me a YouTube video of one of the songs.  It’s a cover of the 60’s hit Love Potion #9.  You can watch and listen here.

Ron never became a rock star.  But he has stayed true to himself.  He does what he loves — music.  He is living proof that doing what you love can not only pay the bills but help you create a meaningful, successful life.

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