Questions You Need to Ask in a Job Interview

I always tell my career mentoring clients that they have to prepare if they want to nail a job interview.  I suggest that they take the time to anticipate questions they are likely to receive and prepare solid answers to those questions.

While you are always going to get questions that take you by surprise, you can almost bet that you’ll get this one: “What questions do you have?”

This article provides a list of ten good questions you can ask.

While all ten of these questions are good, I’m particularly fond of the third one.  “How can I most quickly become a strong contributor within the organization?”

I like this question because it demonstrates that you want to become a top performer, and it demonstrates that you want to know the priorities of the organization and how you can make an immediate positive impact on them.

There’s two points here I want to emphasize.  First, be prepared with questions you want to ask in an interview.  Second, ask a question that demonstrates your desire to contribute to the organization from day 1.

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