Serena Williams — US Open Champion and Number 1 in the World

This is the second post for today, but since I write about self confidence on Mondays and I love tennis, I would be remiss in not mentioning Serena Williams terrific win in the US Open Women’s Singles Championship match.  She also regained the Number 1 ranking in the world.

Serena won the first set, but was very close to losing the second.  Jelena Jankovic was serving at 5 – 4 and had four break point chances.  Serena won that game, and the match by winning the final four games and 13 of the last 19 points.

“I felt I had her. I had her, because she was really tired at the end of the second set,” Jelena said. “Who knows what would have happened if I had got into a third set? I probably would have had the upper hand.”

We’ll never know because Serena’s self confidence and determination didn’t let the match get to three sets.  When I watched her play in this year’s US Open, it seemed as if she was the embodiment of the seventh point of The Optimist Creed: “Promise yourself to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.”

Serena was able to do exactly that in her finals match with Jelena Jankovic, and in her quarter final match with her sister, Venus.  In both matches, she could have let her mistakes overwhelm her – but she didn’t. 

She is now the US Open Champ for the third time.  She is the world’s Number 1 player, and she has nine Grand Slam titles to her credit – and counting.

Way to go, Serena.  You’re living proof the power of self confidence and determination…


PS – I know that Serena is a gifted athlete who works hard, and that there are a lot of factors that make her successful.  However, I honestly believe that her self confidence and ability to live in the moment – forgetting one point as soon as it’s over, and moving on to the next – is what makes her the extraordinary champion that she is.  We all can a lesson from her.

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