Seven Success Secrets

As a career mentor, I’m all about helping people achieve the life and career success they want and deserve.  That’s why this article caught my eye.  Check it out…

All seven pieces of advice are great.  But I want to focus on the first one.  Build your confidence by taking action.

My career mentoring clients will tell you that one of most repeated maxims is “Procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.”  Fear can stop you from taking the action you need to succeed.  When you find yourself procrastinating its important ask yourself a simple question — “What am I afraid of here?”  The answer will help you move forward.

Once you identify a fear that is keeping you from taking action, it has a lot less power over you.  Naming your fear and accepting it allow you to take action.  Many times you’ll find that your fear wasn’t justified.  Some times your fear will come true — and you’ll fail or get rejected.  But you’re likely to find that these failures and rejections aren’t the end of the world.  Failure and rejection are especially helpful if you use them as an opportunity to learn.

Action cures fear — and helps build self confidence.  You will become more confident by facing your fears and acting — regardless of the outcome of your action.  Try this — it works.

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