Skills You Need to Succeed in Today’s Competitive Workplace

If you read this blog with any regularity you know that I have joined the faculty at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.  I was in a faculty meeting the other day and we were discussing the outcomes of our MBA program.  Here is what we want our MBA students to be able to do when they leave us.

Ethical Decision Making — the ability and willingness to analyze and apply the legal and ethical implications of complex business decisions.

Technical Knowledge — knowledge of a specific technical area and the ability to apply that knowledge in their work.

Communication Skills — the ability to conduct effective conversations, write clearly, concisely and persuasively, and to influence others via presentations.

Leadership Effectiveness — the ability to lead individuals and groups to achieve organizational goals.

Critical Thinking — the ability to apply a disciplined process of evaluating information in order to make well thought out decisions and action plans.

Global and Intercultural Awareness — the ability to understand the global and cultural implications of complex business issues.

These are the six ideas we incorporate into all of our courses.

They are also important pillars of success that you should pay attention to in your career journey.

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