Smartphones Can Destroy Your Work Life Balance

This article paints a pretty grim picture when it comes to work life balance.

I agree — we have to know how to set boundaries when it comes to replying to emails that we get on our smart phones.

But there is one part of the article I urge you to pay attention to.  Be judicious in your use of the “Reply All” button.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  I tend to reply only to senders — sometimes this can get me into a little trouble.  Most people (that I know at least) tend to use the reply all feature.

This means that I get a lot of emails about things in which I have no interest.  For example, my old rugby friends and I get together the last Thursday of every month to swap stories about how good we used to be.  Fred organizes the lunches.  He sends an email to all the people on his list.  He asks for an RSVP.  I reply to Fred, not everybody.  But for the next few days, my inbox is flooded with responses from other guys.  I don’t need to know in advance who will be there.  I’ll see whose there when I show up.

I suggest taking a second to think if “Reply to Sender” or “Reply All” is the appropriate response to an email.  Then respond in the right way.

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