Starting a Real Estate Career in the Digital Age

Starting your career in real estate today is more complicated than ever before. The problem is that applying the old-fashioned approach is not an option if you aim for something big.

Nowadays you almost won’t meet a broker who doesn’t use a single online real estate platform. That’s because using new technologies may help you streamline your business process and use your time more efficiently.

We’d like to help you find the necessary tools and strategies that you may need to mark your real estate career a success. Let’s start with the basics and review the thing that you’ll need no matter what – a decent social media profile.

1.   Social Media Marketing

When you think of advertising any kind of business or services, you definitely keep in mind the social media platforms. They not only help you drive more traffic to your website but can also be used as an ultimate lead generation solution.  You can take some tips from how Precondo has been working in Brampton.

Create your personal social media profile and utilize the native advertising tools for each of them. This is the best way to target your ads directly to the audience that you think may like the particular type of house or apartment. For example, you can show the single-family homes to people with kids and apartments to students and young career-oriented millennials.

Basically, these advertising tools help you reach the right target audience and drive your conversion rates much higher.

2.   Content marketing

This may be a time-consuming thing, but it will benefit you in the long run. Basically, you need to contact journalists and contributors to real estate websites and pitch them articles with the links to your website.



Of course, it will take time to see real results, but it’s one of the best ways to gain organic growth.

3.   SEO

In case you’re actually ambitious enough to launch your own agency website, you have to hire real SEO specialists.

SEO optimization is not something a beginner like you will handle on his/her own. This is a key component of your organic traffic and leads generation. Effective SEO strategy is crucial for the Real Estate sector.

A profound search optimization expert will create a list of keywords and necessary website adjustments that you’ll have to stick to.

4.   Website design

While working on your website, you’ll have to follow all the modern UI/UX guidelines. Right now, you can see many of real estate websites looking like web-dinosaurs.

5.   Google AdWords

This is the tool that you may consider using after you’ve already launched your website. This is one of the best tools to rank higher in the search results without the time-consuming organic growth.

Yes, running campaigns in AdWords in the Real Estate niche is pretty expensive, so you’ll have to be precise in your targeting and copywriting skills.



Find out what kind of houses and apartments are sold or rented as hot steaming pancakes and target the audience that may like them. Compile a list of the category links that you may link the users to, for example:

  • com/duplexes
  • com/condos
  • com/apartments
  • com/studios

Drive more customers to your listings and bring them value as their new broker.

Once you’ve launched your ad campaign, we recommend you check the results on a daily basis and tweak something in based on the ad performance reports.

6.   Consider all-in-one solutions

There is this huge buzz in media stating that all-in-one solutions are killing the middlemen, but we’re glad to tell you that it’s simply not true. We see more and more platforms popping up and giving the agents and property managers more and more functionalities to automate their work.

First of all, in case you enter the real estate industry today, you’ve got to be open-minded and work with technologies. Here are a few platforms that give great opportunities for agents:

This platform allows property managers and agents sign the deals much faster with their eSign technology. The system of custom offers tends to help brokers to higher their fees by 5-8%.

A decent platform with all the tools for proper real estate management. Even though they’re still a startup, they show good dynamics.

Renowned platform for short-term vacation rentals. It allows property owners to list and easily manage their vacation rentals, while renters can be verified and find a place within seconds.

A well-known platform for generating real-estate portfolios for agents. These tools deserve your attention at least for their solid background in the industry. They operate on the market for a long time now and still have a good growth potential.


Starting a real estate career these days means understanding all the ins and outs of the digital platforms on the market. You should start your journey with choosing the one you like and evaluate your chances of getting into it faster. Once you understand what tools can relate to your ambitions, hop in and try to make the most out of your career.


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