Stay Curious My Friends

Brian Grazer is a Hollywood producer, best known for the Oscar he won for the movie A Beautiful Mind. He’s also a very curious guy. For many years he has conducted what he calls “Curiosity Conversations.” He has met a wide variety of famous and interesting people from all walks of life: Ralph Lauren, Condoleeza Rice, Isaac Asimov, Dr. Dre and Warren Beatty among them.

I love the idea of Curiosity Conversations. You don’t have to go for the big players like Brian Glazer does. I’ve learned that everybody has something interesting to say. You can have curiosity conversations with normal, everyday people and still learn something.

Without realizing it, I’m a Curiosity Conversation practitioner. I love to meet people and hear about them, their lives and their interests. Taking the time to learn about others has helped me become a more well-rounded person – and a better career coach.

Here are Brian Grazer’s thoughts on conducting meaningful Curiosity Conversations…

  • Make every conversation be like the best date the other person will ever have.
  • Do you research, get to know the other person before you sit down. Google makes this pretty easy to do.
  • Be empathic. Ask yourself, “What is going on in this person’s life and career right now? What matters to him or her?”
  • Never ask for anything in a first conversation. Grazer says asking for something poisons the conversation. I agree.
  • On the other hand, feel free to offer something to the other person – a contact, a book or article recommendation etc. (I added this one.)
  • Pat attention. Make eye contact. Listen closely to what the other person is saying. Then respond appropriately.

The guy in the beer commercials says, “Stay thirsty my friends.” My advice is “Stay curious my friends.” Meet and get to know new people as often as you can. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn.

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