Stop Looking for a Job

I’m a career coach with Career HMO.

I have chosen to partner with Career HMO because JT O’Donnell, the Career HMO founder, and I think alike.  We both believe that the old method of looking for a job — responding to an ad, or to a posting on a job board doesn’t work any more.  It’s a passive, disempowering approach to career development.

We believe that success job seekers are proactive.  They figure out exactly what they want to do, and the companies where they want to do it.  Then they spend their time and energy getting connected to these companies.

This short video explains this idea in more detail…

So stop looking for a job.  Figure out what you want to do, find companies where you want to do it and spend your time making connections there.

Your career mentor,


PS: If you would like to learn about the coaching services I offer through Career HMO, check out this website:

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