Successful People Live Their Life’s Purpose

Clarity of purpose and direction is one of the keys to career and life success in my Common Sense Success System.  I discuss it in several of my books: Straight Talk for Success, Your Success GPS and 42 Rules to Jumpstart Your Professional Success.  To develop your personal clarity or purpose you need to do three things.  First, define what success means to you.  Second, create a vivid mental image of you as a success.  Once you define what success means to you personally, I suggest that you develop a clear mental picture of you as a success.  This image should be as vivid as you can you make it.  Third, clarify your personal values.

I have been thinking about how to not just clarify your purpose and direction in this life, but how to live it.  Here is what I’ve come up with…

  • Figure out why you are here on earth. 
  • Act in a manner consistent with your purpose every minute of every day.
  • Clarify your personal values.  Use your values to help you make decisions, especially in ambiguous or unclear situations.
  • Live each day as a testament to your personal values.
  • Create goals that reflect your purpose.
  • Keep your purpose in mind as you work on achieving your goals.
  • Create plans and milestones for each of your goals.
  • Use your goals and milestones to help you plan every minute of every day.
  • Believe in the future.  Stay positive, confident and optimistic.
  • Visualize yourself achieving your goals.
  • Act in a manner that inspires others by your actions.
  • Be tenacious.  Persist with passion.  Never quit.
  • Prioritize your actions based on what is important to you – not urgent to others.

The common sense point here is clear.  Successful people clarify their purpose and direction.  They figure out what they are meant to do in this life.  They build their goals on this purpose.  They visualize themselves achieving their goals.  They keep their purpose in mind when they encounter problems and setback as they work on their goals.  They clarify their personal values.  They use their values as guides to decision making in ambiguous situations.  They are tenacious, persistent and passionate about achieving their goals and realizing their purpose.  Follow this advice and you will create the successful life and career you want and deserve.

That’s my take on how to realize your purpose in this life.  What’s yours?  Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts with us.  As always, thanks for reading.


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