Take Personal Responsibility for Your Performance

Today is Wednesday, so this post is on outstanding performance.

I usually post this blog and my www.CommonSenseGuy.com first thing every morning.  It’s part of the discipline I’ve developed for myself.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a lot of stuff happen first thing in the morning.  I spent several hours putting out minor fires.

When I looked up, it was almost noon and I had not posted either of my blogs for the day.  I was working at home that day.  Cathy came into my office and asked if I would like to have some lunch.  I told her I wanted to get my blog posts up first.  I said that, “I made a commitment to myself to do this first thing everyday and I haven’t done it yet today.”

She looked at me and said, “Do you really think there are people out there who keep checking their inbox to see if you’ve made a new post today?”  Of course not.  It would be nice to think that people just can’t wait to see what I’ve written today, but I know it’s just not true.

However, this story illustrates a common sense point I’d like to make about outstanding performance.  Hold yourself accountable to higher standards than anyone else does. 

Commit to personal excellence, and you won’t have worry about how others see your performance.  If you meet your own standards, you will be successful.  More importantly, you will feel good about yourself; confident in your abilities and realistic about your level of performance.

One last thing.  I let my blog posting slide for a half hour that day.  I had a delightful lunch with my beautiful wife.  And you know what?  I’m glad I did.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading.  Log on to my website www.BudBilanich.com to subscribe to my monthly ezine and for more common sense.  Check out my other blog: www.CommonSenseGuy.com for common sense advice on leading people and running a small business.

I’ll see you around the web, and at Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


PS: Speaking of Alex’s Lemonade Stand – my fundraising page is still open.  Please go to www.FirstGiving.com/TheCommonSenseGuy to read Alex’s inspiring story and to donate if you can.

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