Take the High Road

Today is Friday, so this post is on interpersonal competence.

Barry Lenson is a friend of mine.  He is the editor of the Trump University blog.  In the June issue of Executive Leadership (www.execleadership.com), he describes leadership as a “binary activity”.

He says, “life often offers us two fundamental paths, and we can take either the higher road or the lower one.

  • We can be kind or mean spirited.
  • We can listen, or shut people out.
  • We can invest a little extra time with someone, or hurry away.
  • We can think a kind thought, or an unkind one.
  • We can choose to help someone or choose not to help.”

I agree with what Barry has to say, and it’s good advice for everybody – not just leaders.  Interpersonally competent people choose to take the high road.  They live their lives there. 

Kathleen Gage, who publishes an excellent on line newsletter, advises her readers to be “intentionally kind.”  Barry Lenson offers the same advice in his discussion of the high and low roads.

The common sense point here – take the high road.  You’ll build stronger, more effective relationships with the people in your life.  More importantly, you’ll feel better about yourself.

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