The Benefits of Being Inclusive

Most members of my career mentoring site are interested in reaching the top — either by climbing the corporate ladder or by starting an entrepreneurial venture.

My good friend, Judith Glaser asks an interesting question…

“So, why do so many ambitious and talented executives and entrepreneurs plateau, burn out, and at times regress once they “reach the top” of whatever ladder, mountain or organizational structure they’ve been climbing?”

She says the answer is simple.  Getting to the top requires you to be a great talker — pitching your ideas etc.  Staying at the top require you to be a great communicator, not just a talker.

Check out this article in which she lists four critical communication skills for success.

I really like Judith’s ideas on Conversational IQ (C-IQ).  Her ideas on brainstorming, problem solving and persuasion aren’t new to me.  Her thoughts on inclusion are fascinating.

“Our brains are designed to be social. The need to belong is more powerful than the need for safety. Feeling rejected activates our fear networks and increases the level of cortisol, which moves us into protective behaviors. A sense of inclusion reduces protective cortisol levels while increasing oxytocin and promoting bonding.”

Judith knows more about brain science than I do, but her message — be a welcoming and inclusive person makes a lot of sense.  Invite others into your life and they will be more willing to work with you.  For years I’ve been saying that it is better to be inclusive than exclusive, now brain science backs up my ideas.

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