The Best Way to Build Relationships? Recognize Others for Their Contributions

As your career mentor, I sometimes recycle old blog posts on life and career success. This is one of them. Several years ago I came across an article on Team Management Briefings entitled 21 Ways to Say Well Done. I came across them the other day and I’m reposting them here.

21 Ways to Say Well Done

  1. I’m proud you’re on my team.
  2. Congratulations on a terrific job.
  3. You’re so helpful. Thank you.
  4. You keep improving. Well done.
  5. Thanks so much for your consistent effort and results.
  6. I really admire your perseverance.
  7. Your mood always lifts the team’s spirit.
  8. You’re a champion.
  9. Wow, what an incredible accomplishment!
  10. Great effort. You make us all look good.
  11. I have great confidence in you.
  12. You’ve grasped the concept and details well.
  13. Your skills are sensational.
  14. Your results are outstanding.
  15. Your efforts really make a difference.
  16. You are a bonus.
  17. You’re a valuable part of this team.
  18. You always delight our customers.
  19. You make our team’s vision come alive.
  20. Your accomplishments inspire the entire team.
  21. Everybody notices the effort you put in.

Use these tips, and others will follow you anywhere – even if you’re not in a formal leadership position.

Each of these statements should be preceded by a descriptive example of exactly what the person you are complimenting actually did or accomplished. Also, this type of feedback should come as close as possible to the actual event you are recognizing. Praising others is the best way to engage with them and to build the kind of strong relationships that will serve you well in your career success journey/

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