The Importance of Exercise

I saw an article in TIME Magazine the other day that began, “It’s a cruel reality that exercising is not a reliable way to lose weight and keep it off.”  That sucks.  I’ve been fighting weight all my life and try to control it with diet and exercise.  However the article also pointed out that as little as 15 minutes of exercise per day can reduce health threats.

Here are five reasons to build in exercise to your daily routine…

  1. Exercise improves energy memory.  Studies show that exercising within four hours of learning a task can help you remember how to perform that task over the long term.
  2. Exercise increases your energy.  One study showed that people who cycled for 20 minutes reported a 166% increase in their energy levels.  I can personally attest to this one.  I always feel more energized when I finish a bike ride.
  3. Exercise can stave off depression.  Studies show that the more women exercised, the less likely they were to exhibit signs of depression.  I don’t know why men weren’t studied, but I’m willing to bet that exercise helps men beat depression too.
  4. Exercise can curb cravings.  A recent study showed that people who exercised for 15 minutes a day tended to eat 100 fewer calories than sedentary people.  This is another one to which I can personally attest.  I have less of and appetite and eat less on the days that I exercise.
  5. Exercise can reduce the risk of serious cancers.  A National Cancer Institute 11 year longitudinal study showed that people who are active had a 20% lower risk for cancer of the esophagus, lungs, kidneys, stomach and endometrium.

I have found that when I exercise regularly, I am more alert and perform better.  That’s why I’m heading out for a bike ride as soon as I publish this post.

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