You Go the Job — Now What? How to Promote Yourself

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for useful career success advice to pass on to you.  The other day I found this review of the latest book by Dan Schwabel, Promote Yourself, The New Rules for Career Success.  Dan is a thought leader when it comes to career management.

The book answers some important questions about building a successful career once you have the job

  • Get the (technical, interpersonal and social media) skills you need to advance in your career
  • Prepare yourself to deal with problems that may crop up in this incredibly uncertain time
  • Network with executives and managers
  • Manage relationships between people from different generations
  • Create a personal brand that showcases your uniqueness, will make people take notice of you at work and will help promote yourself faster than your peers are promoting themselves.
  • Stay within the corporate policies while reaching your true potential at work.

Getting your dream job is only the beginning.  You need to make sure that you master the six skills above if you want to succeed.

Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success is worth a read.  The ideas you’ll find inside will help you keep moving forward in your life and career.

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