The One Thing You Need to Do to Ace Any Interview

Interviewing is stressful.  And as this article points out, sometimes you get questions that are designed to trip you up.

Your career mentor has a simple solution for answering these five questions — or any questions that might trip you up in an interview.  It’s one word…


When I was young, I was a Boy Scout.  Their motto is Be Prepared.  It comes in handy in a lot of life — especially in interviewing.

Take the time to learn as much about the company and job as you possibly can.  If you know anybody who works there, ask him or her for the tough interview questions he or she was asked in his or her interview.  Think about the questions you have had a difficult time answering in past interviews.  Then prepare answers for each of these questions.

Use the S T A R T method for answering questions.

  • Describe a Situation (S) you’ve faced in the past or a Task (T) you were asked to complete.
  • Describe the Activities (A) you undertook to address the situation or complete the task.
  • Describe the Result (R) of your actions.  It’s OK if you weren’t successful, because in the next step you’ll…
  • Describe your Takeaway (T) — what you learned.

If you use this formula to prepare answers to several questions you anticipate getting in an interview you’ll be well prepared — and you’ll be more likely to ace the interview and get the job.

Try this — it works.

Your career mentor,


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