The Power of Appreciation

Today is Friday, so this post is on interpersonal competence.

Recently, I came across a great book called Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation by Mike Robbins.  Mike suggests that most of us need to make a paradigm shift – from focusing on the negative, the bad stuff in our lives; to focusing on the positive, the good stuff in our lives.  His message is simple and is summed up below.

Five Principles for Living a Life Filled with Appreciation

In order to utilize the power of appreciation in your life as a way to enhance your relationships, improve your results, and empower yourself, here are five key principles:

1) Be Grateful – Focus on the many blessings in your life and all that you have to be grateful for.

2) Choose Positive Thoughts and Feelings – Make a conscious decision to transform your negative thoughts and feelings into ones that empower you.

3) Use Positive Words – Pay attention to the words you use with others, about things, and in speaking about yourself. Speak with the most positive words possible – our words have the power to create, not just describe.

4) Acknowledge Others – Focus on what you appreciate about the people around you and let them know. Be genuine and let others know the positive impact they have on you and your life.

5) Appreciate Yourself – Celebrate who you are, what you do, and the gifts and talents that you have. Self-appreciation is not arrogance; it’s an awareness of your own power and it’s the key to self confidence, success, and fulfillment.

Mike says, “When we truly focus on this good stuff, our world transforms and we’re able to see and experience the GREAT FULLNESS of our lives.”

This is some great common sense advice for becoming an interpersonally competent person.  Interpersonally competent people appreciate what they have, and they appreciate the other people in their lives.  Think about it.

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