The R.O.T.H. Method for Generating Job Interviews

I love Monday mornings.  My inbox is usually filled with great career advice that I missed over the weekend.  Today is not exception.  I opened my email to find an article that urged job seekers to use the R.O.T.H. method for finding a job.

I love the R.O.T.H. method for its simplicity — Reach Out To Humans.

For years I have been telling my coaching clients that scouring job boards for positions for which you may be qualified and then sending out a resumes is futile.  Chances are your resume will get eliminated from contention by the bots that comprise company Applicant Tracking Systems.

I am really sad when I hear stories of people who spend six or seven hours a day scouring job boards and sending out resumes only to hear nothing.

When savvy job seekers come across a job in which they are interested, they find a way to get connected with someone who works for that company.  Someone who may be able to introduce them to the hiring manager.  You need to do this too.

This article by Lisa Rangel describes the R.O.T.H. method of finding a job.  It goes into depth on how exactly you can reach our to humans and better your chances of getting interviews — and jobs.  Check it out.  Put its great advice to work in your job search.


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