Thinking of Working With a Career Coach? Here’s Proof That You Need One

When you’re in the job market, a good career coach can make all of the difference. He or she will help you figure out your brand, set up a solid LinkedIn profile, provide resume and interview preparation help and be there to support you as you go through the job search process.

I’ve known JT O’Donnell, founder and CEO of CareerHMO for several years.   She knows what it takes to find the perfect job for you. In fact, she’s written the book on it — Careerealism: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career. JT O’Donnell and her group of highly trained and certified coaches are the best career coachers I know. Recently JT shared an email she received from a satisfied customer…

I couldn’t wait to tell you this.

I had a wonderful interview today and was told I had an “outstanding resume” – format and content.

Here’s what my interviewer said:

“I asked HR to pull 200 resumes, and flag 10 for my reference. Out of those 10, I chose 3, and you are the top candidate based on your resume”

Who knows if I will get the job – but it made me feel extremely lucky to have done “the unthinkable” and applied to an ATS. You can be sure I told her all about CareerHMO…

I felt so calm during the interview and I’m sure it’s because I currently have a job and am not worrying about explaining my lack of employment.

Whatever happens, I know I’ve got this, and can do it again.

Pretty good story, right? The best resume out of 200. Wow, that’s saying something.

If you’re in the job market you should think about working with a career coach. If you’re looking for the right career coach, you should check out CareerHMO.

Your career mentor,


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