Tighten Up — Sloppy Work and Good Performance Don’t Mix

Today is Wednesday, so this post is on Outstanding Performance.

I love the viral nature of the internet and blogosphere.  On Friday of last week, I received an e mail from Chris Widener (www.madeforsuccess.com), sharing an article by Jim Cathcart (www.jimcathcart.com) on how to expand your life.  All of this is a long winded introduction to the fact that I think Mr. Cathcart makes some great points about how to become an outstanding performer, and I am going to take advantage of the viral nature of this great new medium and include his thoughts here.

11 Powerful Ways to Expand Your Life This Year — Jim Cathcart

  1. Define your future. Describe the life you’d like to live. The future you see defines the person you’ll need to be. Identify the traits and qualities you’d like to acquire. Think bigger than yourself. An acorn that only thinks as an acorn will never become a mighty oak. Stretch yourself. You are undoubtedly capable of more than you ever dreamed is possible for you.
  2. Become the person who would achieve your goals. As you develop the skills, knowledge, relationships and demeanor of the ‘future you,’ your goals will be the natural byproduct of your growth. Spend an extra hour each day in the study of your chosen field.
  3. Give more than you must. Nothing advances until somebody does more than they are paid to do. Always deliver more value than others expect. Don’t require others to acknowledge your generosity. Give with ‘class.’
  4. Make time for what you love. If you don’t live fully, you deny the world your potential contributions. Your ‘play’ sometimes contributes as much as your ‘work.’ What you love reveals the value you bring to the world.
  5. Refine your Inner Circle. We define ourselves through our key relationships. Explore the mix and depth of those with whom you spend most of your time. Release those who limit you and connect with those who can help you live more fully.
  6. Resolve your unfinished business. Either deal with it or discard it. Say your apologies, face your fears, pay your debts, express your gratitude and get on with living. Don’t let yesterday drain value from today and tomorrow. Break out of the limited world of your past and start to grow.
  7. Rethink existing habits and routines. Describe your typical day and then reconsider every aspect of it. Change or expand the places you go, people you see, things you do, and the time you devote to each. Try new things. Learn a new language, go someplace different, do some things you’d typically pass by. Find out what your possibilities really are.
  8. Lighten up. Stop stressing over things that only matter to you emotionally. When life isn’t fair to you, get over it quickly. Take your misfortunes as ‘course corrections’ rather than ‘catastrophes.’ Let go so you can grow.
  9. Tighten up. Sloppiness in life allows more variables to creep in and spoil your plans. Stay on target, increase your self-discipline, master the art of self-motivation. Sometimes details matter a lot.
  10. Profile yourself. Keep a journal of your goals, concerns, fears, and dreams. Review it at least once a year. Look for patterns that reveal your core values, natural velocity, natural intelligences and recurring situations. Realize how life ebbs and flows for you. Notice the natural cycles of life. Know yourself.
  11. Invest in yourself. Set aside a portion of each year’s income to acquire new tools and teachers to increase your potential. Refine your systems, get expert coaching, attend special conferences, cultivate a study group, appoint a board of advisors. You are your only true asset. Send part of today ahead to the person you’ll be in the future.

This is some great common sense advice on becoming an outstanding performer from Jim Cathcart.   I particularly like number 9 – Tighten up.  It makes a great common sense point.  Sloppiness – in thought, in language and in action – is a performance killer.  The common sense advice for today is simple.  Think clearly, communicate precisely and do your work perfectly, and you’ll become an outstanding performer.

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