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Today is Wednesday, so this post is on outstanding performance.

Effective time management is a key to outstanding performance.  That’s why I subscribe to Dave Navarro’s time management newsletter.  Dave is a time management and productivity coach who teaches no-nonsense, easy to implement ways to free up more time for your business and your life.  You can get his free “More Time” kit at www.your30hourday.com.  I like what Dave has to say because of his common sense approach to time management.

Yesterday, his weekly newsletter was called Close Your Browsers, Already.  Dave has graciously allowed me to post it in its entirety here.

Close Your Browsers, Already – Dave Navarro

“If you’re not getting all the results you want out of your day, you need to ask yourself a tough question … are you wasting time surfing without a real business purpose?

“Do you tell yourself ‘I’ll only check out this website for 5 minutes’ … and kick yourself 30 minutes later when you’re still clicking around?

“If you find that the constant link clicking, attention-deficit-disorder nature of the web is sucking away your time, you’re not alone.  Everybody battles it.

“There’s always one more interesting thing around the corner to be clicked on … but you can’t let yourself do that.  You’re in business to make money, not waste time (and time IS money).

“If the web is getting to be a hindrance, there’s an easy solution – turn it off when you need to focus. Close the browser and commit to tackling the money-making task at hand.  Or, if your task involves the web, commit to avoiding any unproductive clicking in the chunk of time you’re going to work.

“Easier said than done, right?  Of course.  But be honest with yourself – chances are high that this simple habit – which so few follow through on – could make an immediate impact on how much you get done this week.

“So make the call.  Decide that work time does NOT equal surf time.  If you need to surf, schedule some downtime for that.  But when it’s time to work, remind yourself that aimless clicking to ‘unwind’ doesn’t put food on the table.

“So if you’ve got work to do, close that browser now and get to it.”

This is some great common sense advice on how to deal with one of the 21st century’s biggest time wasters – excessive web surfing, or as Dave Navarro calls it, “link clicking attention deficit disorder” – nice turn of a phrase by the way, Dave. 

The common sense point here is simple.  Outstanding performers manage their time well.  Shutting off your browser to avoid excessive web surfing is a great way to keep unnecessary creeping web surfing at bay.

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I’ll see you around the web, and at Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


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