Top 5 Tips While Getting An Expired Domain For Your Website

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An expired domain is the one that was previously acquired by an individual who either didn’t have the required money or simply forgot to renew their ownership of that domain. These domains are then put up for auction. Various people purchase an expired domain for multiple reasons.

What Makes Expired Domains So Precious?

Not every domain is equally valuable. There are some aspects that make a domain highly useful. They are as given below.

  1. Domain’s age
  2. Strong backlinks
  3. The similarity to the topic of your blog
  4. Absence of any spam.

There’s an abundance of expired domains available online. It can be very tedious to find a domain that has some relevance to your topic as well as there is no spam present. Multiple sites can help you to choose an expired domain, such as This article will help you to know some essential tips to keep in mind while getting an expired domain for your website.


Everything goes well when it is planned beforehand. You should always explore your options before selecting a website or expired domain. You should be aware of what you need and requirements when it comes to handpicking a domain accordingly. There are multiple sites to help you find a useful and relevant domain such as Spamzilla, GoDaddy, and so on.

Starting a new domain can be very difficult if you are doing it for the first time. Having an expired domain can prove to be handy in such situations. You should have an in-depth knowledge regarding what an expired domain is and how can you use it to its full effect.

Domain’s DA/PA

The concept of the Domain Authority and Page authority were first introduced by MOZ. You should always check an expired domain’s DA/PA; it should not be below a certain extent. There are various checkers available that can help you to know a domain’s DA/PA.

Before buying, you should consider checking Open Site Explorer or domain authority checkers to know the value of the domain that you are planning to buy. It is deemed to be useful to have or purchase a domain with at least DA 25+. This could drastically affect your domain, and you will definitely end up with a better domain.

Avoid Banned Domains

All domains look good and useful when you see them from an outsider’s perspective. The truth comes out only when a person starts checking for restricted domains. People are generally not aware of this, but Google has banned some of the domains, that is one of the reasons why they have expired.

It is always advisable to be aware of a domain is banned or not. There are various checks that Google provides through which you can easily check if a domain is banned or not. Not only Google, but there are other forms of bans as well, such as Adsense or Facebook. There is a process available to help you remove the ban from a particular domain by putting a Google reconsideration request.


This aspect of expired domains is something that very few people are aware of. You should have some knowledge regarding the previous owner of the domain. This can help you to know the kind of work he or she was involved with, and you can check their personal credibility as well. This can also give you a lesson so that you do not end up repeating their mistakes again.

The process to access the archive of any domain is over-simple. You just have to simply go to archive than in the search bar put your domain URL. When you click on the “take me backlink,” then you will get a screenshot. You can see the circled dates to know and track the past activities of a particular domain.

Check Backlinks

Backlinks are the most crucial part of the expired domains. They are the real reason why a person buys an expired domain in the first place. It has its own advantages, along with particular disadvantages. Not all backlinks are useful to a person; some of them might even be a source of the issue.

There are new forms of backlinks coming in the online market, such as Chinese backlinks. You can see a lot of domains being bombarded with Chinese backlinks. One handy way to check for Chinese backlinks is through aHrefs. You should avoid a domain if you see that it has a lot of Chinese backlinks.

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