Top Industries for Programmers

With dynamic and well-written code being of crucial importance for businesses on the global stage, in any field, programmers are becoming more integral than ever before.

As in years past, programming or coding still remains one of the most in-demand skills out there, especially when it comes to the development of applications for mobile devices and tablets, though also for enterprise and in-house software.

That in mind, a programmer has the chance to work in essentially all industries in all countries across the planet, and this is great news for the future programmers out there looking to gain access to a field that enables more movement and freedom that just about any other industry.

Here’s a list of the top industries for future programmers and a little information to guide you in your studies to better get into one of these industries over another.

Artificial Intelligence

At the top of our list, as you may have predicted, comes artificial intelligence.

Now that AI is becoming more commonplace and accepted in society there are more and more businesses working on their own AI programs and systems for their clients and customers, and so AI engineers are becoming more in-demand than in years past.

You’ll find that in these types of roles you will be required to focus on the machine learning and deep learning processes that exist in both smartphones and laptops, but also on in-server locations too.

To add, future programmers will be happy to note that the field of AI is growing exponentially without any signs of a slowdown in the near future. For many programmers, breaking into the field of AI is realtively straightforward. A simple AI certificate is all programmers need to build fundamental skills in AI and machine learning without committing to a full degree program.

With that out of the way, the leading industry on our list for future programmers is artificial intelligence.

Government Services

It isn’t a secret that the government’s computer systems and technological processes are rather lackluster to say the least, and so as nations across the globe work to move their options into the digital world — programmers are going to be drawn upon.

In both Australia, the US and the UK, governments are working on developing a myriad of new online platforms and portals that enable the more effective and efficient use of government services, and a lot of these solutions require brand new website development and applications to be created.

As you would have guessed, these tasks are monumentally large and require future programmers to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building all-new platforms, but also maintaining them in the long term.

This is another great avenue for programmers to land into, and with the government offering programs and in some cases even subsidizing degrees in IT for students through providers like Courses, you’re in good hands here.


A field that is routinely making headlines for underemployment is cybersecurity.

As the threats of cyber attacks continue to plague the web and businesses and consumers alike are affected by these attacks, there is a growing need for web security experts.

One key thing to note is that the field of cybersecurity often has an unemployment rate of zero per cent, making it one of the best fields in IT for those looking for a very high chance of employment.

On top of this, cybersecurity experts are going to be utilised on an ongoing basis by businesses and governments across the globe, which means future programmers will typically be employed in-house for these businesses and won’t need to rely on being ‘floaters’ moving from one business to another.

When it comes to employment security, cybersecurity is going to be a sure bet, so long as you have the skills in programming.

Healthcare Services

In a similar vein to government, healthcare services are also making the switch to all-digital workflows and beginning to rely on programmers more and more.

The solutions that healthcare services are currently building out tend to be the protection of patient data along with improving security when it comes to business-wide operations, to reduce the chance of hacking or cyber attacks.

Keep in mind that with a lot of data-rich resources being made use of by the healthcare industry, programmers with an analytical background are going to do particularly well in these fields when it comes to finding sustainable employment.

AgriTech or Agriculture

Another industry that has begun the shift to digital workflows, research and processes is the field of agriculture.

As the world population grows and climate change begins to affect food resources on a global scale, programmers are being utilized by agricultural businesses and agritech to work on finding more effective logistical pathways for the delivery and the production of food.

With programmers on hand, these agricultural businesses can better understand the data that is being collected by their workflows and improve operations and the output of produce.

Again, this field is another one which is likely to require programmers on a sustained basis and will hire in-house rather than contract these employees for short-term workflows. That said, for long-term employment, the agriculture industry is another top pick.


An industry that has been forced to adapt and change over the past decade is the finance industry, and so, programmers are again being utilised here.

With the world stepping into what could be known as the first currency war, the financial industry is working its hardest to fight off the threat from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency makers in order to maintain their top spot in the global economy.

This is one of the more competitive and lucrative fields out there for programmers and is likely to be a lot faster paced than some of the other industries on our list, given how fast the financial markets have begun to move.

For example, financial institutions are now looking to develop their own coins along with transactional solutions that beat that of crypto and, of course, programmers are going to be made use of in these cases.

Machine Learning

As you might have already heard during an Apple press event, machine learning is landing in just about every consumer device out there.

This is a rather niche field of programming at the moment, though working with code that has the ability to mature and learn on its own is a great way to get your foot in the door.

One reason this field falls a little lower on our list is due to the fact that most development is occurring in only the worlds largest businesses, and so you’re going to be fighting quite hard for a seat on the office floor here.

Both Google and Apple are working away at integrating more and more machine learning processes into their devices, and this is where programmers are going to be employed in the long terms.

To Sum Up

With all of those industries above noted, it’s quite easy to see that programming and the IT field is going to be a winner in the years to come given that technology’s prevalence is only going to increase in society.

Almost all large and small businesses are now looking to employ programmers on a routine basis, and so unemployment is predicted to continue falling in the field, making it a great opportunity for those looking to find secured employment following their studies.

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