Top Tech Languages to Learn and What They Can Do for Your Career

There are two types of computer users: those who spend most of their time with point and click applications and those who have full command their computer. While the former can find work in a limited range of jobs, the latter will be able to get a job doing virtually anything involving computers. In order to join this second group of computer users, those writing the web and mobile applications everyone else is using, you will need to learn a number of different computer languages in order to have proficiency with a variety of computer-related tasks.

If you have the skills of a modern programmer, you will find that your SEO Brisbane Expert’s SEO team services are not only desirable to a potential employer, but they are also in high demand. With that in mind, here are a few of the top tech languages employers are looking for in the next programmer they will be hiring at the webmetrix group.


The scripting language that made the internet possible, HTML (having been more recently upgraded to HTML5), is the first language that every modern programmer is required to have under their belt. With a mastery of HTML5, the foundations of front end website design will be at your fingertips. HTML5 has a lot of tools to bring website construction to the point where text, headers, pictures and basic objects like tables are introduced and such concepts are built upon for more elaborate website design and capability.


When it comes to making your employer’s websites look fashionable and professional, the language CSS is another must to have under your belt. The term CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and introduces a lot of advanced font, color and layout style options that would be messy and laborious to program with HTML5. According to W3schools, CSS may be employed to multiple websites at the same time and serves as a means to manage how web content is displayed both for viewing and printing applications.


Another key language for the modern programmer is JavaScript. While HTML5 and CSS provide a coder with the tools to build a nice looking website with basic functionality, JavaScript will put the functionality of a website on steroids. From the use of highly engaging objects to more sophisticated programmed like responsiveness, JavaScript allows a programmer to introduce a whole new level of interaction with websites that makes doing business on the web far easier. This occurs because JavaScript communicates between the front end user and the back end server, allowing information flow to occur seamlessly between both points of interaction. A developer must learn How To Choose The Best Server for A Small Business.


Because modern business involves gathering and organizing tons of data, SQL is a superb back end database language that facilitates the ongoing storage, manipulation and retrieval of data that makes communicating with your customers over web and mobile services possible. If you haven’t had this type of training before, you may want to consider taking some SQL courses. Additionally, this techie language can be used in the process of porting and deploying data to multiple users at the same time through a variety of electronic media. For example, your website may gather email addresses from users visiting your website, SQL organizes and stores that information for later use and eventually you utilize those email addresses in your business’s next email campaign to market the most recent product or service available to potential and repeat customers.


When it comes to managing things with your employer’s back end server, a common programming language to rely on is PHP. Because the back end is where rubber hits the road, it is essential to have a firm grip on how to command and control what your server is doing. While this is the part of the process of serving up webpages and manipulating files behind the scenes that your end user does not see, it is still a very important piece of the modern programming experience. Part of back end PHP programming and development also involves taking seriously how to handle security concerns. Remember, hackers are always seeking to take advantage of information flowing between the back end server and the front end display with which end users will interact. A seasoned PHP programmer will have the skills necessary to thwart hackers by utilizing the features of PHP to make it difficult for prying eyes to discern what the nature of the data is which flows between the front and back ends of the online information exchange process going on between your server and the end user, you always have to make sure to protect yourself with a cyber insurance from just in case anything happens.

While the computer domain is rich with a vast array of programming languages, most businesses today need programmers who have a grasp on the front and back end functionality of web-related communication and how to interact with the company website’s end users. Augmented with the ability to gather, store and retrieve data, the modern programmer will be a meaningful asset by the number of different hats they are able to wear in this digital process of obtaining and manipulating vital information from said users. While this can require a programmer like you to have a mastery of multiple computer languages, such expertise is what a modern business world requires to make it possible to service client and customer needs over web and mobile-based applications.

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