Unpopular as a Branding Strategy

By now you know that your career mentor is a big believer in the power of personal branding.  A good personal brand highlights your uniqueness.

A great personal brand will attract the right kind of people, and it will repel people you don’t want to attract.

That’s why I love the video below.  Check it out…


Common sense is part of my personal brand.  While I’m a smart guy with three degrees, I do my best to present my ideas in a simple, straightforward, common sense manner.

This attracts the kind of clients I want — no nonsense folks who want solid, common sense ideas that they can implement easily.  It also repels the kind of clients I don’t want — people looking for abstract theories on how to succeed.

I remember a meeting I had with a prospective clients once. It was pretty clear that we weren’t a good fit.  He got in touch with me because he was impressed with my Harvard degree.  He was expecting an egg head I guess.  As the conversation wore on — I couldn’t wait to find a graceful way to exit, as I knew we weren’t a good fit — he said, “You don’t act like a Harvard alumnus.”  I said “Thank you.”

My common sense brand repelled him — and that was OK.  We weren’t a good fit, and it would have been difficult for us to work together.

I’m not saying that you should go out of your way to create a brand that repels people.  But you need to know what you stand for and the kind of people you are trying to attract with your brand.  The video above makes this point very well.

Your career mentor,


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