Use Positive Mental Triggers to Help Yourself Become an Outstanding Performer

Today is Wednesday, so this post is on outstanding performance.

Outstanding performers set and meet high goals.  They do this day after day, year after year.  How do they do it?  According to Dan Robey (, they do it with attitude. 

In a recent e mail newsletter entitled Attitude Really is Everything! Dan suggests a positive habit that can help you build a great attitude.  “Choose or create a positive mental attitude trigger phrase and repeat it aloud many times each day.” 

He suggests several positive mental attitude trigger phrases that can help you become an outstanding performer.

  • "I know I can do it."
  • "I can overcome any obstacle."
  • "I am reaching my success goals every day."
  • "I am getting stronger and stronger every day."
  • "Every day I am getting closer and closer to my goals in life."   
  • "If I believe it, I can achieve it."
  • "Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive."

Dan suggests that you “write down your trigger phrase on Post-it notes; place them on the mirror of your car, on your bathroom mirror, carry the note in your pocket. Repeat the phrase many times every day.  Remember to say it with emotion, believe it with all your heart. Make it a habit to repeat this phrase at least 30 times a day. Start your day with it.”

Dan is right.  Positive trigger phrases can help improve your performance.  We all encounter obstacles, have bad days, and wonder if we can really make it.  If you turn to your trigger phrase during these tough times, you’ll be better able to fight through your difficulties and reach your goals.

Right now, I am finishing a new book, Straight Talk for Success.  At times, the editing and proofing seem more arduous that the writing.  But I use a positive trigger phrase to keep me going when I get tired of focusing on a project that has been about 18 months in the making.  I say to myself.  “This is a great book.  You’ll be proud of yourself once it’s complete and in people’s hands.”  Pretty good positive trigger phrase if I do say so myself.  By the way, I am in the home stretch of the book.  Hopefully, you’ll be reading it in January 2008.

The common sense point here is simple.  Use positive trigger phrases to help you raise your level of performance; especially when you get bogged down or are feeling overwhelmed.

On another note, I came across an interesting post by Laura Milligan on Travel Hacker.  Laura suggest 44 tips for packing.  Good packing for a business trip can keep you organized, and personal organization is an important part of outstanding performance.  This is solid, common sense advice on packing.  Here is the permalink:

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