Want to be an Expat Worker? You Might Want to Think About Thailand

Thailand: the land of sunny beaches, ancient ruins, opulent royal palaces, and temples. Known as a tropical holiday destination, it has the amenities of the west and the rich culture of the east, a perfect juxtaposition nestled in Southeast Asia.

How many of us dream of a perfect job in a perfect destination? Thailand could be that perfect place to run away from those dreary winters and long working hours. Sounds great, right? But before you start daydreaming, there are certain facts you need to know about Thailand in order to properly weigh your options.

It might seem inappropriate to you, but before you start looking for the perfect job for you, you should know that it’s not illegal in Thailand to discriminate based on gender and age. It is actually the norm in Thailand’s job world.

Don’t be taken aback if you come across job listings for ‘men over thirty with four years’ experience or ‘only females can apply.’ Even if this feels unseemly to you, there’s nothing you can do about it, and it’s best to ignore such job offers.

It might take some time and practice to wade through all the job listings and find the perfect fit, and it’s especially difficult when you are thinking of moving to a new and unfamiliar place. To make the search easier for you, you can take the help of JOB Worker Service to find the right job for you.

What options are open for you in a country like Thailand? Listed below are some of the career paths you can choose from and settle down in Thailand.

Work In A Multinational Company

Chances are you are either working right now or are in between jobs. If you already work for a multinational company, then the move to Thailand is already easier for you if your company has a division there. Relocating your job is the easiest and most secure way to come and work in Thailand.

In the case of multinationals, the pay scale is the same in every country. The added advantage is the cost of living in Thailand is cheaper than the USA, the UK, and most countries in the west, so you will be able to save more or spend more in addition to enjoying your time in Thailand.

There are also a few positions that are always available in big companies in Bangkok. Positions such as finance manager engineers, translators, and interpreters are always in demand. If you are in-between jobs, try hunting for jobs in these sectors.

Work As A Teacher

For a native English speaker, this is the most obvious and by far the largest job market for expats in Thailand. The country is always in need of English teachers for its numerous elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.

Native speakers are encouraged to apply not only at schools and universities for English classes but also for English immersion programs and subjects. International and private schools are also a good option for native speakers.

However, the salary of a teacher is not high in Thailand. For full-time work, the starting salary could be anywhere between twenty-five to fifty thousand baht per month, but international school teachers with a B.E.d and several years of experience under their belt can make a lot more.

Besides working for an educational institution, private tutoring is also an option to make some extra money. You can charge per hour and work almost twenty to twenty-five hours per week in addition to the forty hours you would need to work full-time.

If you are serious about working as a teacher in Thailand, you will need a few documents – teacher’s license, a work permit, and a non-immigrant B visa. However, you don’t have to worry about it as the school you are going to work for should sort it out for you. Your job would be to provide all the necessary documents, provide your signature when required, and go on a visa run to a neighboring country.

Keep in mind that all documents and transcripts should be original and you might have to provide a valid background or criminal check from your home country. Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree in English or Education from the university you attended; any subject would do, but a B.E.d or a TEFL certificate is an added advantage in this saturated field of work.

Work In Tech

The tech field is diverse, and there are plenty of opportunities in Thailand to work for an IT company. Companies are usually looking for Javascript for backend and frontend web developer, android and iOS mobile app developer, and PHP backend developer.

The salary for a web developer or a senior software developer is pretty high in Thai standards — almost one hundred thousand baht per month. It might be a disappointing sum in comparison to the USA or UK standard, but you will have the stability of subsidized government healthcare, and you don’t need to pay a high-income tax like you might have to back at home.

A relevant degree and a minimum of two years of work experience can set you up for a job with a work permit in Thailand. If you are not good at nine-to-fives, you also have the option to work remotely.

Work In Hotels

The booming tourism industry is far from slowing down in Thailand, and you can fully take advantage of it. Thailand is the home of some of the best top-end, international hotels and resorts in the world, and, these hotels/resorts are always looking for hotel managers and chefs.

To become a five-star hotel/resort manager in Thailand, you will need to have a relevant educational background and several years’ worth of work experience. The best part is you can stay in exotic places like Phuket, Samui, and other beach areas of Thailand.

To be taken seriously as a head chef in Thailand, you will need to have at least five years of experience in top-notch hotels or restaurants. As a diverse food culture, Thailand takes its cuisine very seriously.

Work In NGOs

A good way to give back to society is through working at NGOs (Non-Government Organizations). Thailand has a fair amount of NGOs in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. If you have prior development aid work experience, this is the perfect job for you. You have more chances of getting a NGO job if you speak Thai fluently.

Keep in mind, these positions are temporary, and the NGOs might only run for a few years as long as they are funded.

Bottom Line

The easiest way to get a work permit in Thailand is through a teaching job, but you need to be careful not to get stuck in a low paying job that you might not enjoy.

It can look like a golden opportunity for fresh graduates to travel and work in an exotic location, but be sure to apply for a position you are passionate about and love as much as you love Thailand.


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