Want to Succeed? Take Responsibility for Your Success. No One Else Will

Ask yourself: What can you really control in your life and career? Think about it for a few minutes, and you’ll probably start off thinking about the things you don’t have control over, such as the weather, whether you win the lottery, or get sick during flu season. After you run out of things that you can’t control, your mind is forced to consider what you do have control over – those dreaded responsibilities. The truth is, humans have an amazing power to take control of their lives and follow their dreams. But only if they take personal responsibility of their success. Of course, you will never be able to stop Mother Nature from flooding your business, but that’s what insurance is for. So, let’s talk about how you hold yourself accountable and achieve your goals.

Why does it all boil down to you? Look, if you aren’t the biggest cheerleader for your brand, company, or personal goals in business, why should anyone else care? Here are 5 ways you can step up and empower yourself through personal responsibility…

  • Hold yourself 100% accountable. Make “I will” your personal motto going forward. And when things go wrong, don’t blame others. Yes, it’s possible for other people to drop the ball. But always ask what you could have done to prevent the mistake. Realize that even costly mistakes can turn into learning lessons. If your business is meant to survive, you will find a way to overcome anything. Plus, when you step up and show others that you’re willing to self-analyze, it will lower their defenses as well.
  • Accountability is Great for Self-Esteem. When you take the reigns in your life, you’ll actually feel a lot better about yourself. And people will want to be around you more, and respect your leadership. People should feel good about themselves when they set out to accomplish their career and personal goals. Aim to live a life you’re proud of, even when you make mistakes. It’s a journey, and a continuous learning experience.
  • Own Your Goals. Self-empowerment is all about giving yourself permission to go for it, without asking permission from others. You don’t need a PhD in Education to own your goals. You just need a plan and the desire to execute. In life, it’s easy to beat ourselves up and pretend we can’t make decisions because of what other people may think. Once you wake up and realize that you own your life, and have the right to make your own decisions, you’ll be much more successful. Set goals based on what you’re passionate about, and look to no one but yourself for follow-through.
  • Personal accountability is rewarding. Personal accountability starts with honesty, and monitoring your own action. And when you mess up or stray from your path, guess who you need to look to? That’s right: You. And sometimes this means recognizing when we can’t solve a problem. Personal accountability also means having the humility to assign the right people to the right roles. It can mean loosening the reigns and giving up control, ironically.
  • Say “Yes” to Your Goals. Sometimes, we are the biggest barriers to our own success. When you give yourself permission to live the life you want, you no longer have to feel that way. You need to develop almost a Don Quixote like spirit, in order to exhibit the persistence that some businesses require before resulting in success. It can also be helpful to keep a journal of your thoughts about success and your goals. This will give you a way to work out the kinks in your thinking, strategies, and other aspects of your business.

With the advances in technology and ability to reach millions of people for free through social media, it’s never been a better time to empower yourself with personal accountability!


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