Want Your Resume to Shine? Quantify Your Accomplishments

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2017 brings you an abundance of peace, health, happiness and prosperity.

Today, I have some advice for 2017 job seekers.

The biggest single piece of advice I have when it comes to resumes is simple: quantify your accomplishments.  Too many resumes read like a job description.  They are a listing of things that the job seeker did.  Employers want to see what you’ve accomplished, not just what you did.

May of my coaching clients struggle coming up with accomplishments.  Over the holidays, I saw an interview with Katherine Power, CEO of Clique Media Group, a media and marketing agency.  In ths interview Ms. Power had this to say about how she hires…

“I look for people who can quantify their value, who can really think like and entrepreneur and put a value around their skill set and growth.  So if I look at a resume of someone who was a lifestyle writer at XYZ publication, I like to see that they wrote 16 pieces of content per week resulting in X% growth in page view over three months.”

This is a great example of how to quantify your accomplishments.

When it comes to interviewing, she says much the same thing.  She looks for…

“Some sort of accomplishment or efficiency, like, ‘I saved X amount of money by doing something this way.’”

The common sense point here is simple.  On resumes and in interviews it’s important for you to be able to quantify your accomplishments, not just discuss what you do or have done.

Put this advice to work if you’re looking for a job this year.  It will pay off.

Your career mentor,


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