Watch Webinars to Become a Better Speaker

Many people fear public speaking.  But public speaking is like any other skill – it requires practice. If you want to become a better speaker, turn to those with experience for help. You can learn quite a bit from watching others speak.  You can learn a lot about speaking from watching webinars. Here are some things to watch for in webinars that can help you become a better speaker.


Many speakers have a problem with rushing, stuttering, or other cadence-related issues. If you look at the webinars on the doTERRA products site, you’ll get a fair idea of how a speaker should sound when on the stage. While this might not feel as important as the content of your speech, mastering the cadence of a speech can greatly improve the quality of your speaking engagement.

Using the Stage

Webinars can also show you how to effectively use your space. Too many inexperienced speakers remain behind a podium and recite their speech. If you watch a webinar closely, you’ll start to notice how the better speakers use the space around them. Mastering your movement and taking over the space is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with what you have to say.

Story Telling

Great speakers make people want to listen to what they have to say.  They become great storytellers.  When you watch your next webinar, pay attention to the speaker’s choice of words. You’ll find that every aspect of their stories serves a single goal. You can become a great storyteller with practice.  Storytelling is not easy to master, but watching a professional can accelerate your learning.

Watching webinars can help you become a great public speaker. Watch webinars not only for their information, but to see how the speaker imparts that information. The simple act of observation can help you to elevate your speaking.

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