Well Thought Out Risk is a Good Thing

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for solid career success advice from interesting people  Mindy Grossman is the CEO of HSNi.  She has held senior executive positions with some of the world’s biggest retailers — Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Nike.

Here are her three best pieces of life and career success advice…

  • Have passion, purpose and impact.
  • Don’t be afraid of risk – and there’s a difference between risk and suicide.
  • If you can do well in fashion, you can do well anywhere.

I don’t know much about fashion — I’ve been dressing the same way (preppy) every since I’ve been in high school — so I can’t comment on that last piece of advice.

However, I really like Mindy’s second bit of advice.

It’s important to take well thought out risks.  Had I never taken a risk and become a solopreneur 26 years ago, I wouldn’t be writing this blog today.

Yes, starting a consulting and coaching business was a risk, but I was prepared for it.  I had a good chance of succeeding.  And I did.

On the other hand, I knew a woman who told me that she had a dream that she should start a business in which she would bring high profile speakers to Denver.  She arranged no financing, figuring that the big name speakers would attract so many paying customers that she would do fine.  She ended up bankrupting herself.  No financing, no business plan, just a dream.  Mindy Grossman would not call this a risk, she would call it suicide.

The message here — don’t be afraid of risk, but also don’t be stupid about the risks you take.

Your career mentor,


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