What Ben Franklin Can Teach You About Using LinkedIn to Further Your Career

I love people who can connect up widely divergent ideas.  This article does just that.  It makes the point that Ben Franklin would have been an outstanding and prodigious user of LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the go to social media platform for professionals.  Many of my career mentoring clients ask for my advice on how to use it well.

At its essence LinkedIn is there to help you connect with people and create and share good things.  Do that.

But don’t forget the lessons you can learn from Ben Franklin…

  • Keep looking for new ways to connect with others.
  • Pay it forward, look to help others before you ask them to help you.
  • Be pragmatic and useful.
  • Share quality content.
  • Share useful ideas
  • Don’t be a afraid to mix in a little humor.  One of Ben Franklin’s pamphlets was entitled “Fart Proudly.”

Even though we live in the social media rich 21st Century.  We can learn a lot about relationship building from Ben Franklin, a guy from the 18th Century.

Your career mentor,


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