What Not to Do at Work

Kathy Caprino is a wise woman.  I just read one of her recent posts about self sabotaging behavior at work.

Check it out…


Some of these five, like lying and backstabbing are really obvious.

One the other hand, one of them really stood out for me.  Don’t tell people that you’re miserable.

This is never a good idea. Word gets around.  Your boss will be sure to hear about it.

More important, nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer.  If you’re miserable, find a way to change your situation at work, or find another job.

I knew a woman who worked for one of my corporate consulting clients.  She was unhappy because she didn’t receive a promotion she thought she deserved.  Every time I would see her, and ask how she was doing, she would say “just peachy” in a very sarcastic tone.

She was hard to be around — and I saw her only two or three times a month.

Finally, one day she and I had a cup of coffee.  I gave her some unsolicited advice — usually not a good idea, but it worked this time — on how her attitude and behavior wasn’t doing her any favors at her job.

As we spoke, it became clear that she was really unhappy with her company.  I suggested that she look for another job.

She did, and now she is very happy in her new company.

She also tells me that she never complains when things don’t go exactly as she wants.  She said that was a lesson she learned from me.

The common sense point here? Don’t be a a Debbie Downer.  If you’re unhappy take some positive action — don’t just complain.

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