What Not To Do on LinkedIn

As a career mentor, I advise my members that LinkedIn is a powerful career building tool.  There’s lots of advice out there on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

The other day I received an email that illustrates exactly how you should not use LinkedIn.

Check it out…

I just thought i’d let you know you’re a fine looking guy and am wondering if you’re presently in a relationship…As for me am single,never been married and don’t have kids but i would like to start a family soon…I hope this doesn’t sound shocking to you cos we shouldn’t be talking about this on LinkedIn and if you wish to talk more then lets text chat or better still exchange email address or chat on yahoo,which ever you prefer would be okay for me..
Let me know what you think as i await your response

This is so wrong, that it seems as if Alice is trying to prank me.

Let’s take a look at what’s wrong…

First, she acknowledges that her message is inappropriate for LinkedIn, but she sent it any way.

Second, her spelling and grammar are atrocious – Lower case I’s, no spacing after commas, improper usage of lets – let’s is the proper contraction for let us.

Third, I don’t see how someone half my age would describe me as a “fine looking guy.”

LinkedIn is a professional network for professional people.  Alice is trying to use it as a dating site – and probably indiscriminately, as there is no salutation.  This looks like a bulk email.

Maybe Alice is pranking me.  Maybe someone has hacked her account.  I hope she is not serious.

The career mentor point here is that your presentation of self – whether in person or on line – should demonstrate that you are a serious professional.  This is particularly true when using LinkedIn.

Don’t be like Alice, present yourself as a professional on line.

Your career mentor,


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