What To Do If You Take the Wrong Job

Job hunting is a stressful and anxiety producing experience.  There’s a lot of rejection — you didn’t get an interview, you got an interview but not the job.  That’s why a lot of people jump at the first job they’re offered.  Sometimes things work out.  Sometimes they don’t.  Many of my career mentoring clients have told me that they knew within the first week of starting a new job that they had made a mistake.

This article presents some great common sense advice on what to do if you take the wrong job…


I really like this article.  But I particularly like this piece of advice…

How will you explain why you took a job and want to leave it so quickly? You can fall on your sword and say “That was a great learning experience. I took a job too quickly. It’s not a good match for me at all.”

It’s OK to admit that you made a mistake in taking your current job.  In fact, you can turn this into a positive.  In most interviews you are likely to get a question about how you handled a mistake you made.  You can use the advice above as a script to answer that question.

Finally, as the article points out…

It’s a new day in the job market now. We are all consultants. We are all entrepreneurs. If we’re paid on a payroll, that’s a detail. Our careers are still ours to manage!

My CareerHMO coaching colleagues and I repeat this to all of our coaching clients.  You need to think of yourself as a company of one — and you need to manage your company of one in a way that will lead you to a successful and fulfilling life and career.

So. what does this all mean?  It means that it’s OK to start looking for a job as soon as you realize that you are in a situation that isn’t right for you.  If you can bare it stick with the job that is a bad fit as you look for a new position.  It’s always easier to find a job when you have a job.  But if it’s an untenable situation, leave and focus your efforts on finding a new job.

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