What To Do When You Manage to Tick Off Your Boss

I was interviewed by a Laura McMullen, a reporter for US News and World Report the other day for an article she was doing on what to do when you tick off your boss.

You can see Laura’s article here:


I always tell my career mentoring clients that it is really important to build a strong relationship with their boss.  Your boss has a lot of influence over your career.  If he or she likes you, he or she will sing your praises.  If not, he or she may bad mouth you.  When you’re being considered for a promotion, your boss will be the first person the hiring manager talks to.

Do yourself a favor and build a strong relationship with you boss.  My best advice?  When you screw up, admit it and fix it.  That way you’ll be able to mitigate any damage to your relationship with your boss.

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