What to Look For in a Job

I encourage my career mentoring clients to take charge of their job search, to figure out exactly the kind of company where they want to work.  This is empowering.  It puts you in the driver’s seat.  Not every job and not every company will be right for you.

This article tells you what to look for in a company…


I like this simple “Four P” idea: People, Purpose, Product, Potential.  If any of the four are missing, you might want to walk away from a job offer.

Thing about it.  You spend a lot of time with the people at work.  You don’t have to be best buds with all of them, but you do want to find a place where you feel comfortable with the people and their manner of interacting.

Most of us want to be part of something that is bigger than us.  That’s where purpose comes in.  Look for a company whose purpose fits with your identity.  For example, when I was young I was recruited for a job with a tobacco company.  I didn’t even schedule an interview.  On the other hand, I joined a pharmaceutical company because I liked the work they were doing.  This is not to say that tobacco companies are inherently bad, and that pharmaceutical companies are inherently good.  But the purpose of one did not appeal to me and the purpose of another did.

In many ways product is tied to purpose.  The tobacco and pharma examples above are kind of extreme. Maybe you want to work with a company that does cool stuff and produces cool products.  Go for it.

Finally, when you evaluate any job you should focus on the potential for advancement, and the company’s potential for growth.  Given the opportunity, always go with a company that offers you the potential to grow and develop.

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