What You Can Learn About Success in the Movie “Joy”

Welcome to 2016!  I hope this year brings you lots of peace, love, health and happiness.  Thanks for being one of my loyal readers.  Special thanks to members of my career mentoring site.

Cathy and I saw the movie “Joy” over the holidays.  Joy tells the story of Joy Mangano, an inventor with more than 100 patents.  Her first successful product was the Miracle Mop which she pitched on QVC, selling 18,000 in her first appearance.

Joy Mangaro built a company called Ingenious Designs which she later sold to the Home Shopping Network.  One of the products she designed, Huggable Hangers, is HSN’s best- selling product of all time.  She continues to work at HSN.

While the movie is a fictionalized account of Joy Mangano’s life, the basic elements of her story, as depicted on screen, are true.  She was a young divorced woman from a working class family on Long Island who had an idea for a product — the Miracle Mop.  She designed and built it, but had a difficult time selling it.  She went deep into debt before she was able to get it on QVC where it became a hit.  Her career as an entrepreneur and inventor took off from there.

Starring as Joy, Jennifer Lawrence is more of a bad ass than in any of the Hunger Games movies.  She captures the grit and determination it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur – or in any career for that matter.

Tweet 32 in my book, Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, All in 140 Characters or Less, gets at this idea….

Stuff will happen was you create your life and career success. Choose to respond positively to the negative stuff that happens.

That’s what Joy did.  Every setback made her more determined to succeed.  She was persistent.  She kept going, especially when things got tough.  She didn’t dwell on the negative.  She used it as a springboard to action.

That’s what you need to do too.  As we begin 2016 remember this.  We all have to take personal responsibility for our success.  I am the only one who can make me a success.  You are the only one who can make you a success.  Stuff will happen this year – good stuff, bad, stuff, frustrating stuff, unexpected stuff, tough stuff.  If you want this to be successful this year, you need to choose to respond positively to whatever happens.  Treat every experience as a learning opportunity – and put those learnings to work as you move forward.

Go see the movie “Joy.”  Use it to help you persevere when things get tough.

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