What You Wear Has A Lot To Do With Whether You Make a Positive Personal Impact

Today is Tuesday, so this post is on positive personal impact.

I saw an article in yesterday’s Denver Post in which Southwest Airlines said it would apologize to a passenger who was told he would be removed from a flight if he didn’t change a T shirt that one of the flight crew found to be offensive.

This comes on the heels of a similar incident, in which the Southwest fashion police told a young woman, Kyla Ebbert, that her skirt was too short and she needed to change before she would be allowed to fly.  Ms. Ebbert protested and ended up with an apology that she read over the air on “The Dr. Phil Show”.  Southwest offered her free tickets, but she refused them.

The latest incident involved Joe Winiecki of Largo FL.  Mr. Winiecki  was wearing a T shirt that had the name of a non existent fishing shop on it, along with the words, “Master Baiter.”  He was told that he either needed to change the shirt or cover it up.  He protested, but changed the shirt as he needed to be at his destination and felt he could not miss the flight. 

Southwest apologized to Mr. Winiecki, and said that the employee who asked him to leave the plane or change his shirt made a mistake, as the airline has no dress code. 

I blogged about the Kyla Ebbert incident on my www.CommonSenseGuy.com blog.  I believe Southwest was in the wrong, and called undo negative attention to themselves by their treatment of Ms. Ebbert.  Common Sense Guy is a blog about leadership and how to run a business. 

This blog, on the other hand, is about career and life success.  Positive personal impact is a key element of career and life success.  So, while I believe Mr. Winiecki should not have been singled out for his choice of T shirt and asked to leave the plane, my question to him is, “Why would you wear such a tacky shirt to begin with?” The pun is only marginally humorous, And, in my opinion, it defines the wearer as someone who is looking for attention in all the wron ways. 

Personally, I am not offended by someone who describes himself as a “Master Baiter.”  However, I also am not likely to want to engage this person in conversation, or offer him a job.  If I were a woman, I would probably think to myself that he wears such a shirt because that is the only gratification he can get.

There are two common sense points here.  1) Southwest is, in my opinion, being overly critical of passenger attire.  This is not good customer service.  2)  We are all being evaluated all the time.  Out appearance sends messages to the world about who we are and how we think.  I for one, don’t think it is a good idea to label myself as a “Master Baiter”. 

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