Who Do You Want To Be?

I did a career coaching call yesterday with a woman who was in an enviable position.  She had two job offers and was trying to decide which was best for her. One paid more and offered the opportunity to work for a long time mentor, but it had a long commute.  The other paid a little less, but it was within walking distance of her house, the Whole Foods where she shops, her gym etc.  We talked about what is really important to her and how that should help in her decision making process.

This morning I came across this article…


I like the simplicity of the question, “Who do you want to be?” when it comes to making important career decisions.

About 40 years ago I decided who I wanted to be — an independent professional who helps people and organizations succeed.  I created a vivid mental image of what my life would be like when I became who I wanted to be.  I kept this image in my head as I made decisions about returning to school and jobs I would take.

It took me 13 years to realize this dream.  I figured it out when I was 25 and started my business when I was 38.  I’ve stayed true to who I want to be all these years later.  My consulting practice has grown into a consulting, coaching and speaking practice.  I write this blog.  I’ve written several books.  I have a membership site devoted to helping young professionals create meaningful and successful careers.

Every time I added a service I asked myself if I was being consistent with who I want to be.  Coaching, speaking, blogging, writing all were a “yes” for me.  So hear I am, getting something about Medicare in the mail every day, but I’m still true to who I wanted to be all those years ago.

That’s why I like the advice in the article so much.  And I applaud Adrian for figuring out that she’s a pink and green high tops girl — and sticking with it.

Your career mentor,


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